Registration fee (per family) $10 (includes Tee-shirt for new students)

Tee Shirt $10

JBQ Book $12

Lunch fee at Quiz Meets $5/person

Transportation expenses if not riding in the church van



1. Please sign up to serve as an official during the 5 Quiz Meets: Timekeeper, Scorekeeper, Judge, Quizmaster

2. Please sign up to drive the church van to the meets

3. Prize Store Donations



The Church van is available if we have a parent to volunteer as the driver. Your Driver’s License will need to be submitted to the church office the week before the meet. Van key pick-up will be the driver’s responsibility to coordinate with the church office.

Please email Christina at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if your child will be riding in the church van.



1. At least 1 parent to help official

2. JBQ Tee-Shirt

3. $5 for lunch





9:45-9:50 Turn in JBQ homework and weekly score sheet, complete written challenge question quiz

9:50-10:05 Devotional/Teaching on the new questions assigned for the week

10:05-10:15 Make Personal Flash Cards for study time at home/in the car

10:15-10:45 JBQ games using the question set assigned the previous week

10:45 Dismissal



General Overview:

The Junior Bible Quiz Season runs from August to March. The location of each meet rotates between local participating churches. At the beginning of the meet (9:00am) all of the quizzers gather together at the host church for opening remarks, directions, prayer, and directing officials (parents) and quizzers to their places. Each team must have 1 coach and 2 officials to compete at the meet; this is why it is imperative that parents attend every meet. The quizzers quiz about 5 rounds followed by lunch. After lunch the remaining rounds (usually 3-5 additional rounds) are completed. All quizzers and parents will gather to celebrate a job well done and distribute awards to the top scorers. After the award ceremony quizzers are free to leave. The entire meet duration is generally from 9:00am-2pm or 3pm.


Achiever Division (3rd-6th grade) Quizzing Format:

Each Round Consists of 20 Questions of the following point range:

10- 10 point questions

7- 20 point questions

3- 30 point questions


X-League (K-2nd grade) Quizzing Format:

20 – 10pt questions only


Quiz out:

Answering 6 questions correctly in a match is called a quiz-out and the quizzer leaves the match and is given 10 bonus points.

Incorrect Answers: Half of the questions point value is subtracted from the quizzers score for incorrect answers.

Negative Quiz Out: Answering 3 questions incorrectly is a called a negative quiz out and the quizzer leaves the match to sit with the coach or parents.

Interrupting a Question: If a quizzer buzzes in before the Quizmaster finishes reading the question then the quizzer must finish the question and give the answer.



Answers to questions are judged correctly if they contain the main idea (essence) of the answer


Quotation Questions:

Answers to Quotation Questions must be recited word for word without stuttering, repeating, or adding other words to the quote. The question portion does not have to be word for word; but it must include the essence of the question.

Brackets: Words in the brackets of the answer are optional for a quizzer to learn. [optional]



You can earn points toward JBQ prize rewards by writing down your study time on your homework sheet and turning it in on Sunday morning. Please use your study calendar as a guide for which questions to learn each week! This information will also be emailed to the parents in a weekly JBQ update. Students will review with games/practice on the buzzers over the assigned questions on Sunday morning during class. Please have your child study 15min each day. Students will become motivated to study if they can actively participate in class.

Additional points will be given for completing the assigned written homework. PARENTS MUST SIGN EACH HOMEWORK SHEET TO BE ACCEPTED AS VALID.Points are given for the following activities

1pt = Study for 15min by yourself or with your parent

10pts = Complete the Bible reading on the calendar

50pts = Complete the written homework

* Homework sheets and assignments can be picked up during JBQ practice on Sunday.



Children earn points each week by completing their homework, bible reading, and recording their study time on the Homework sheet. The Sunday after a Quiz Meet students will be able to turn in their points to earn prizes in the JBQ Prize Store. 


Bible Master Awards:

Students who earn a Bible Master Award will be recognized at the Quiz Meet. Using all 576 Bible Fact-Pak questions, the standard used in verifying if a student has earned the award is as follows:



(Correctly answered)

· 20 out of 30 randomly selected 10-point questions

Searcher: Correctly answer

· 25 out of 30 randomly selected 10-point questions

· 15 out of 20 randomly selected 20-point questions

Achiever: Correctly answer

· 28 out of 30 randomly selected 10-point questions

· 18 out of 20 randomly selected 20-point questions

· 6 out of 10 randomly selected 30-point questions

Master: Correctly answer 59 out of 60 questions from the following combination:

· 30 randomly selected 10-point questions

· 20 randomly selected 20-point questions

· 10 randomly selected 30-point question



For each team we are required to bring 1 coach and 2 officials. We must have at least one parent from each family to help fill these positions:

Quiz master- runs each match, reads questions, judges answers

Judge- verifies that quizmaster is following rules

Scorekeeper- records all points during the match to determine the winner

Timekeeper- limits quizzers answers to 30 sec.


Official training to become an approved official must be completed on the JBQ website: http://www.jbqseregion.org/penflorida.html





· Make sure that your child studies daily for at least 15min and returns the weekly homework sheet.

· Be at the meet to volunteer as an official

· Give any feedback about how we can make the program better.

· Pray for your child



· Study daily for 15min

· Be honest about how much you studied

· Follow the classroom rules

· Respect your teachers, coaches, parents, and friends.

· Attend JBQ classes between meets to compete in the meet

· Turn in the homework sheet

· Pray for your fellow quizzers


Teacher and Coach:

· Have a lesson prepared every week

· Check the quizzers progress each week

· Keep parents informed of important events & quizzers progress as needed

· Be open to all types of feedback

· Be an encourager

· Create an atmosphere of love and learning

· Pray regularly for the quizzers


*** Parents Please remember the simple equation! (15 minutes a day) X (5 Days a week) + (1 Saturday a month) =

1. A better understanding of God’s word

2. Memorable bonding time with your child

3. A chance to share Jesus with your child and watch them grow spiritually