What is the purpose of the Men’s Ministry at FCF?

 "Our purpose is to see men become fully devoted followers of the Lord Jesus Christ; loving husbands and fathers, faithful friends; and create an atmosphere of fellowship with other men. To see men find their purpose, or higher calling. Men's Ministry has a pancake breakfast on the first Saturday of every month from 8:00--9:00 am that includes fellowship, a practical teaching or testimony, prayer and the greatest food ever! There is a men's retreat in the Spring. We hold a Wednesday night class for just men, such as Man Alive in the Fall. Throughout the year your Men's Ministry will offer quarterly events such as The Annual Wild Game Dinner, Sectional Golf Outings, rifle and pistol shooting, field trips and much more. When the truth of God's Word is at the heart of self-revealing intentional relationships rooted in mutual accountability, we have the ingredients for Holy Spirit-motivated transformation. Add this to imparting a vision for equipping followers of Jesus Christ to pass on their faith from one man to another and we have the components of a fully equipped follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, a Disciple. 


Tuesday Men’s Prayer Group:

Tuesday Men’s Prayer Group is not a traditional men’s prayer group or a time of social interaction. It is a serious, intentional, and committed intercessional prayer effort. This prayer effort focuses on warfare prayer in the heavenly realm for men and their families, friends, neighborhoods, communities, states, nations, continents, the Church, the body of Christ at Freedom Christian Fellowship, worldwide, and the present age (preparing for the coming age)! Men, our leadership begins at the throne of God in heartfelt prayer, and it continues as we give ourselves to His work throughout the day. Ravenhill said it best: “The secret to prayer is praying in secret.” This is your responsibility—your greatest act of love. God is also calling men to pray corporately. "I will therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting.” 1 Timothy 2:8

The Reason We Meet:

God is calling men into prayer, warfare prayer. In the end time battle, all of the members of God’s praying army, the church universal, needs all its members, including the men, to fulfill all of God’s redemptive plans and purposes. Generally, men have been missing from prayer and prayer meetings, but are now being “called up” to do “active duty” in the Lord’s praying army. God needs all of His soldiers to take their place in the matching army of the Lord.